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Since 1978 we have been lovingly caring for pets. Our 13 acre resort provides a safe and fun environment for your pets and is truly a home away from home!

Seasons of Dog Health

The Change in Seasons for Your Dog  Unlike humans dogs bodies don’t adjust as quickly to the change in temperature as ours. You will notice a change in their skin and coats, this is the season that most dogs will shed their winter coats for a thinner one, even domesticated dogs require attention through this period. [...]

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Water – It Really Matters to Your Dog

It might be chilly out, and we may not feel like drinking cold drinks, but water is just as vital to dog’s survival as it is for us, humans. We can get our water from a variety of food and liquid drinks, however for dogs water alone is the only way they can hydrate. The [...]

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Why Chocolate is Bad for Your Dog

What foods are harmful to dogs It is always tempting especially over periods such as Easter and Christmas when there is lots of a chocolate and rich food around the house to share some with the dog, especially as most dogs will eye up anything that is edible!  However feeding dogs food such as chocolate [...]

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Dealing with Aggression In Dogs

Understanding Aggression in Dogs Some dogs may suffer from aggression; this can either be aggression towards humans or another dog. There is always a reason for a dog's aggressive behavior. Usually, it is when the dog feels under threat, so the first step is to look towards what may be causing the problem. The first [...]

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