Water – It Really Matters to Your Dog

//Water – It Really Matters to Your Dog

Water – It Really Matters to Your Dog

It might be chilly out, and we may not feel like drinking cold drinks, but water is just as vital to dog’s survival as it is for us, humans. We can get our water from a variety of food and liquid drinks, however for dogs water alone is the only way they can hydrate. The loss of just 10% of body water can seriously affect the health of your dog. Dogs need to stay hydrated to stay healthy and to prevent ailments and illnesses from occurring.

The amount of water your dog needs all depends on some factors such as:

  • The size of your dog.
  • The food your dog eats – if your dog eats dry food he will consume extra water.
  • The climate –  if you live in a hotter climate or are experiencing hot weather your dog will need more water to replace the water he loses through panting.
  • The amount of exercise – if your dog is very active, he will drink more than a dog that is less active. A water supply should always be provided for your dog on any trips or outings.
  • Medication – if your dog is on medication he may drink more or less water than he did previously.

Important: A source of water available to the dog throughout the day is essential to ensure your dog stays hydrated, healthy and in turn, ultimately happy. Providing water only at meal times is not sufficient.

If you do notice a change in your dogs’ water consumption and he is either drinking more or less than normal, it is always best to visit your vet so they can rule out any underlying ailments or illnesses in your dog.

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