Meet Dr. Bishop & North Main Animal Hospital

Pet Lodge Pet Resort is truly a pet resort we have a lot of space with big rooms, big yards, and big fun. The one thing we do not have is your family veterinarian on site. We do have the next best thing which is great vet offices close by with awesome teams and animals at heart. When there is an ongoing health issue with your pet it is great to be able to pick up the phone and talk to the doctor who has been on the case from the beginning. And if your normal office is closed or far away we have several offices that we trust and recommend.

One of our favorite practices is right down the road on. North Main Animal Hospital is staffed with a friendly and professional team that is all about healthy happy pets. At the head of that team is Dr Chad Bishop.


We won’t hold his choice of colleges against him because in this case they produce a great veterinarian.
“After attending Western Kentucky University for his undergraduate degree in Animal Science, Dr. Bishop attended Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2007”

On several occasions Dr Bishop has visited us to talk to our staff about different issues. When the summer comes around we ask him to talk to us about heat stroke and signs to look for. It is also great to just allow our staff to ask questions they have. Sometimes it is related to work sometimes it is about their own pet. Questions come up all the time and we know, you will never know the answer unless you ask.

When can I get my dog fixed?
Why does my dog eat poop?
My cat sleeps in the litter box. Is something wrong?

Whatever may be going on whenever we have a question Dr. Bishop and his office are always very accommodating and helpful. So, if you are looking for a veterinarian we recommend taking a look at North Main Animal Hospital.

You probably talk to your vet about boarding and there are a few things that are recommended and a few things that are required. We require that your pet’s vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella) be up to date and that they be on a flea and tick prevention program. There are other vaccines like the canine influenza vaccination that are recommended but all pets are different so whatever you and your vet decide is fine with us.

“We strive to make each visit a pleasant experience for both your pet and you. I believe knowledge is a powerful tool that can help us achieve the most optimal health for your pet. Each pet is an individual and their healthcare needs vary from patient to patient and evolve throughout your pet’s lifetime…” Dr Bishop

When we take care of your pets we ask you all kinds of questions. Questions about behavior and temperament i.e. activity level and play habits and we also ask of course about their health. You can always share with us what is going on so that we have as much information as possible. Some pets have procedures done in between their visits to us or sometimes they get into trouble with bees or eating something they shouldn’t have. I won’t mention any names but we call one family at least twice a year because a dog has produced either a sock or a pair of underwear. And we will always call partly to chuckle but also because swallowing foreign objects can be dangerous, so we know to watch for signs of distress.

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