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Pet Taxi

Why would you need a Pet Taxi service?

We are available to transport your pet(s) to and from Pet Lodge Pet Resort to make your life easier. Complete the short form below to schedule your drop off or pick up or call us at 770-475-3455!

Please make your Pet Taxi request 48 hours in advance so we can plan accordingly.  We can pick up your pet(s) on the same day of your request, however, there will be a same-day fee.

A one way pick up costs $40 and a round trip pick up costs $70 – all within a 10 mile radius. Everything outside of the 10 mile perimeter will be quoted upon request. We safely and securely transport your pets to and from Pet Lodge.  Dogs are either transported in a dog kennel, or they are secured in our van by a harness and strapped into the seat belt.  Cats are transported safely in their cat kennel, and secured in the vehicle.  Your pet’s safety is always our top priority.


Let us make your trip easier by providing valet service for your pets!