Dog Training in Metro Atlanta

Does your dog need obedience training? We offer expert private dog training, group obedience classes, and extended dog training that can be combined with our dog boarding services.

Meet Jeff, Our Expert Dog Trainer…

Jeff, Pet Lodge’s Director of Dog Training, has over three decades of experience and education training dogs. He has even assisted dogs at halftime shows at Atlanta Hawks basketball games.

In his spare time, Jeff trains dogs to visit hospitals and homes for the elderly. Through Jeff’s expertise, your dog will learn to be obedient and you’ll learn how to be the leader that your dog needs, loves, and trusts.

What to Expect from Us.

  • Quiet, cozy atmosphere.
  • Careful Monitoring.
  • Lots of TLC.

Dog Training Questions?

Call us today at 770-475-3455 or email [email protected] with any questions you have and we will respond as soon as we can!

Tours available during office hours. No appointment necessary.

Jeff’s patience and teaching style were very effective. Frankie’s behavior improved 1000%. We couldn’t be happier with the dog training package we purchased from Pet Lodge!

J. Burns | Dog Training Client – Alpharetta, GA

Even in group classes you truly appreciate the individualized attention you get from Jeff. And the results from the training were better than I could have ever imaged.

S. Johnson | Dog Training Client – Atlanta, GA

Our Dog Training Packages

Having a well-trained dog doesn’t require years of work. Our dog training packages make achieving obedience quick and easy.

6-Week Group Dog Training & Obedience Classes

A six-week program that covers basic obedience. Your dog will learn how to sit, stay, come when called, walk on a leash without pulling, heeling, respond to the command “No” and much more. Once signed up your pet has a lifetime membership to our group classes. This allows you to come back as often as you like for FREE!

Call us at 770-475-3455 for information on enrolling your dog for training.

Private Dog Training Lessons

The fastest way to train your dog, private lessons offers one-on-one interaction between your pet and one of our experienced trainers. Lessons can be customized to suit your specific needs and will be conducted at Pet Lodge Pet Resort.

Call us at 770-475-3455 for information on enrolling your dog for training.

In Home Dog Training

Training in your home environment is very important to your dog’s obedience and behavior with your family. Your home is the place where you dog needs to behave the most. Our training program and methodology is designed to incorporate your dog into your family’s lifestyle. Being able to see how your dog is behaving in your home allows us to customize a training program that is suited for your household needs. Teaching many behaviors such as not to jump on guests, counter surfing, not getting on furniture and more. Having the whole family participate allows for the dog to behave with everyone.

Call us at 770-475-3455 for information on enrolling your dog for training.

Swim Lessons & Water Safety

Private swim lessons to teach your dog how to swim like a pro. Jeff will get in the water with your dog to teach them how to swim safely and confidently. Our swim program is also perfect for those dogs that need to lose a little weight without the extra stress on the joints.

Call us at 770-475-3455 for information on enrolling your dog for training.

Dog Boarding & Dog Training

Our most popular and successful training program will teach your pet how to be a fun-loving and obedient member of your household. We are known for our loving application of positive reinforcement. We go to great lengths to make sure that the owners are taught how to handle their newly trained dog in a manner that is consistent with the training. Both our two and four week programs include a lifetime complimentary membership in our scheduled group obedience classes and private lessons for the owners.

Call us at 770-475-3455 for information on enrolling your dog for training.

What Do I Need To Pack

Ready for a stay at Pet Lodge Pet Resort? Here’s what you need to bring for your pet…

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