Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare provides an exciting day of play that your dog will absolutely love without an overnight commitment.

Atlanta’s Best Outdoor Play Areas for Dogs.

Whether chasing, playing tug with each other or just hanging out with their buddies, dogs of all ages will feel right at home in our outdoor play areas. With over 20,000 square feet of play areas, nature trails, swimming pool, splash pad, canine challenge course and more, your pets will love Doggy Daycare!

During group playtime, your fur kid will play with dogs of a similar size in one of our many outdoor play areas.

We believe group playtime should have a strong balance between being active and having time to rest. Our definition of group playtime means dogs will have time to socialize and run around in the morning and afternoon, with nap time in private rooms in between group play. If your fur kid doesn’t play well with others we will move him or her to private play or another activity of your choice.

From puppies to geriatric dogs, we accept dogs of all ages and ensure they are cared for properly to maximize their fun and most importantly, their safety.

What to Expect from Us.

  • Quiet, cozy atmosphere.
  • Careful Monitoring.
  • Lots of TLC.

Doggy Daycare Questions?

Call us today at 770-475-3455 or email [email protected] with any questions you have and we will respond as soon as we can!

Tours available during office hours. No appointment necessary.

I have been bringing my dog Dixie to Pet Lodge Pet Resort for doggy daycare for about a month. The first day she got there, she was scared and had her tail between her legs. Now, she gets out of the car wagging her tail profusely. She really seems to love the staff, and they also seem to love her. I have been very satisfied with the kindness and treatment we have received since coming to Pet Lodge Pet Resort, and Dixie and I hope to remain customers for a very long time

Rob | Doggy Daycare Client

My dog loves to come to pet lodge. He is always greeted quickly and I know he enjoys his stay. They are always welcoming when we drop in, and their times are convenient for working people. I definitely recommend to my friends.

Jaclyn | Dog Boarding & Doggy Daycare Client

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It’s Like A Social Network For Your Dog.

Does your pet need (or just enjoy) special attention?

A ten minute walk in the evening or five minutes of ball play is just not enough. These pets can be hyperactive and destructive. We can give him/her plenty of hands-on attention throughout the day.

All dog daycare guests receive premium care, fun activities, socialization, a snack (per your instructions) and relaxation. Most dog daycare play times take place outdoors.

Gift cards available upon request.

Single Day

Doggy Daycare

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Best Value

Purchase a pack of 20 doggy daycare days and save $40!


Call for more information about the 20-Pack or our Punch Card Program.


What Do I Need To Pack

Ready for a stay at Pet Lodge Pet Resort? Here’s what you need to bring for your pet…

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Pets come in all shapes and sizes. So does boarding.

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