What to pack when boarding your pet

Pet Lodge Pet Resort is happy to supply everything your dog needs for their stay, but while you are packing your bags for your trip, you start to wonder what you should pack for your dog’s vacation.

The key thing to remember is that your dog is coming to a resort, and they are going to be seeing new people and making friends. We keep them pretty busy with activities and love, all we need is a dog, and we will have a good time! Even though our resort is a home away from home for our guest, it is still a different environment which can cause some different behavior.

You might want to bring these items

  • A toy or two that you are comfortable with them having while unsupervised
  • Food for them to keep them on the same diet they eat at home
  • A few treats that you want them to have
  • Any medication that you pet will need with instructions

Keep these items at home

  • Food bowls
  • Toys or Treats that might be swallowed whole
  • Rawhide treats
  • Expensive or Irreplaceable Items
  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses (unless there is a medical issue)

All of our room types come with a raised cot. You should feel free to bring their food from home. Keeping dogs on the same diet can prevent stomach issues and provide a sense of routine. We have refrigerators for raw diets and canned food.

We encourage guests to keep expensive or sentimental beds, blankets, and toys at home. Sometimes pets will chew or destroy items (and they usually look so proud of themselves), that they would not chew at home. Or they will carry a toy out to a yard for playtime and drop it as soon as they see the pool. We wash all of the belongings as needed and before going home, and we don’t want to misplace that handmade baby blanket that your pup has had from day one so pack accordingly.

What Should I pack for my Cat?

It doesn’t matter your cat will most likely be angry at you for putting them in the carrier or the car in the first place. No amount of treats will make them forgive you until they are ready because they are cats and humans just exist to serve them. We joke, but cat people know. Kitties get as much attention as they will allow. Usually, cats only need to bring their carrier and their food. We provide the litter, so you only need to bring your litter if you prefer something other than clay based litter.

What Should I Bring for My Exotic (Bird, Rabbit, Turtle, Guinea Pig, Lizard, etc.)

If you are bringing your exotic pet to us to stay, you will want to bring everything your pet will need. We do have several larger bird cages that may be available, just check when making your reservation. But most pets in the exotic category will need to come in the cage that they will be staying. It is the safest and most comfortable environment for them. You will want to pack any bedding that we will replace throughout their stay. And of course, you will want to pack their food. We do have refrigerators for any fruit or vegetables you may want to bring.

If you have a question about an item, please call us so we can help you pack! 770-475-3455

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