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Since 1978 we have been lovingly caring for pets. Our 13 acre resort provides a safe and fun environment for your pets and is truly a home away from home!

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Vacation for them, Peace of Mind for you! At Pet Lodge Pet Resort your pets will be treated like royalty and loved by a team of trained experts. Choose from various accommodation types and fun-filled activities for your pets.Learn More
An Exciting Day of Play That Your Dog Will Absolutely Love! We provide a safe and interactive place to play! Our exceptional day care program will leave your dog happy and tired with all the activities!Learn More
Whether your dog needs a light trim or a complete makeover, let our professional groomer pamper your pooch in our doggy spa! Let us provide your pet with a tailored grooming experience and make your pet look and feel great! Learn More
Does your pet ignore your commands, jump all over your guests, maybe even decide who is allowed in the door? Our world-class dog trainers can help make your pet become the loving and obedient member of your family that you envision.Learn More