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Since 1978 we have been lovingly caring for pets. Our 13 acre resort provides a safe and fun environment for your pets and is truly a home away from home!

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Click Picture to Zoom When we give our pets the best, we feel the best. At Pet Lodge our enclosures are state of the art and state of the heart! Our brightly colored enclosures are the best! If you are interested in a "home away from home" for your pet, this is the [...]

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Click Picture to Zoom Dogs love to swim, be active and live life to it's fullest. Why not ensure that your pup's experience is the best? At Pet Lodge, we have a bone shaped pool that dogs just love! If you are interested in a "home away from home" for your pet, this [...]

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Click Picture to Zoom Our most popular enclosure that has antimicrobial partitioned panels between guests for safety & privacy. A raised pet bed and doggie door for access to outside lounging during the day with lush canine grass. This offers over 64 sq ft of space for your pet to roam and enjoy! [...]

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